Thursday, February 2, 2012

Marriage equality moves ahead in New Jersey.

New Jersey is moving toward marriage equality and Republican Governor Chris Christie says that the voters would ratify if put a referendum.

Christie has been an opponent, but the feelings of this observer is that he is a reluctant opponent, shackled by the Religious Right of his own party. Christie's own sentiments, I suspect are more tolerant as indicated by his recent appointment of a black, gay man to the state Supreme Court.

Christie said: "The polls that I've seen show that if this goes to the ballot, I lose."

Recently the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a bill legalizing same-sex marriage to the Senate for a vote. Previously the Senate rejected the measure but several legislator have had a change of mind and the bill is expected to pass.

Christie says he will veto the bill and has asked legislators to pass a bill sending it to the voters—a favored way for cowardly legislators to avoid taking responsibility for their own postions.

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