Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Jersey Support for Equality at New High

For the first time a poll of New Jersey residents shows a majority in favor of marriage equality. The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute released the results showing that 52% of New Jersey residents now support full marriage equality for same-sex couples. Opposition is down to 42%. Since their last poss, in April, 2009 they found support has increased by 3 points and opposition has dropped by 1 point.

Democrats support the measure by 62-33 percent. Republicans oppose the measure by 59-35 percent. And independent voters, once again showing their mushy libertarian sentiments support the measure 54 to 38 percent. A plurality of men and a majority of women support the measure.

The results of a series of polls show continually increasing support for marriage equality. In November 2006 support was at 41%, by December of that year it had increased to 44%. In April 2009 support had risen to 49% and now sits at 52%. Opposition declined from 50% in 2006 to 42% today.

As usual support for civil unions is significantly higher with 69% of all residents supporting the measure. Even 65% of Republicans will accept civil unions. Support is highest among independent voters with 71% support. Asked if they think same-sex marriage is a "threat to traditional marriage" a majority of all groups said they disagreed with the notion. Only Republicans were even closely divided but said they disagreed by a 51-46 margin.

Asked if denying same-sex marriage is discrimination a majority said it is. Only Republicans are in denial with 66% saying it is not discrimination. Majorities of Democrats, independents, men, women, and both whites and blacks say it is discrimination.

Gov. Christie, a Republican, is currently staying mum on whether he would approve a new law legalizing marriage equality. New Jersey currently allows civil unions but a commission set up by the state found that civil unions failed to provide the same protections to couples that marriage provided and that their legal standing confused people causing significant problems.

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