Sunday, November 27, 2011

Australia's PM Stiffs Charity to Avoid Gay Couples

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, of Australia, said she wanted to help raise funds for charities. She auctioned off a dinner with her. Now the idea of a having a pleasant meal, while eating with a politician, may be contradictory. But the winning couples who bid on the dinner were more anxious to talk to Gillard, a fervent opponent of equality of rights for gay couples.

The left-wing politician has been doing her best to "defend traditional marriage." Oddly, her defense of traditional marriage doesn't mean she will marry the man she has been living with. But neither does she want gay men (or women) to marry either.

Six months ago the group GetUp! won the charity auction of with a bid of $31,000AUS. But Gillard has refused to set a date, especially since her own party has been pushing for a vote on marriage equality, which Gillard is attempting to sabotage. So far Gillard has stiffed the charity refusing to set a date for the dinner. After bad publicity for her deceit her office now claims they will set the dinner sometime in the new year. Anyone want to bet that if it happens it will be after any parliamentary vote the matter.

Typical politician.

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