Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NOM Pretends Obama Rallies Are Their Own.

The National Organization for (sic.) Marriage is attempting to get big government Republicans to reregulate marriage in New Hampshire. Apparently the marriage laws are too laissez faire and Republicans are trying to reimpose regulations restricting marriage rights.

NOM, which has always had a tad bit of a problem with telling the truth has a website running for their New Hampshire push for bigger, more intrusive government. Here are two of the images they are showing. 

Wow! Look at the size of the crowds that seem to be showing up at NOM events. They are massive. You see the nice crowd shot and then close ups of the NOM supporters. Hey, did you notice what I noticed. I mean this is really big news. Notice the photo above the comment "Click here to get involved today!" Just above the g in "get" there appears to be a podium. And, maybe I'm hallucinating, but that sure looks like Obama speaking to the NOM rally.

Hmm, perhaps the reason it looks like Obama is because it is Obama and the photos that NOM are using to promote themselves were not taken at NOM meetings as implied, but just lifted from Obama rallies.

Notice the photo directly below.

You can see that NOM took the photo from Reuters, probably without permission, which is considered theft under copyright law. It is an Obama rally and has nothing to do with NOM, they just doctored the collage to make it appear that this was somehow connected with their own rallies, normally attended by a a few dozen bile spewing bigots.

You can see that the second photo was also lifted from an Obama rally. If you look at the second NOM banner you will see the same building in the background and as you compare the crowd they are the exact same people as at the Obama Rally in Ohio.

Considering the dishonest lengths that NOM, and its spokeswomen, Maggie Gallagher and Jennifer Morse, go to demonize gay people and twist the facts about marriage equality, it is no surprise that not even their photos are honest depictions of reality.

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